What are the #BennettWitchChronicles – Mean Tweets Edition #TVD #VampireDiaries

I’m going to level with all of you.  I was supposed to write this post about a week ago.  The problem is I wasn’t sure what to say in the first post.  I started out with the title ‘Welcome to the Bennett Witch Chronicles’, and then proceeded to stare at a blank screen and blinking cursor for the next five days.  I had no idea where to start.  We have titles, but the covers and blurbs haven’t been revealed yet, so I couldn’t really say much beyond what you already knew to be true from the series marketing blurb.

Then, in the wee hours of twilight, the trolls helped me out.

Okay, I want to clarify, I don’t mean mythical trolls with magic powers.  I’m not delusional and I haven’t been fed any psychedelics.  I mean fandom internet trolls.  Yes, the web trolls helped me.  Crazy, I know.

In fairness, they didn’t mean to, but I’m a silver lining kind of girl.

Two days ago, I tweeted at the fine folks at TVD Fans Online to let them know about the coming series.  The tweet has received a decent amount of fandom love in the form of likes and retweets.  More than I expected by quite a bit.  The tweet that started the fire under the trolls’ everything-hating asses was this:

In the last two days, I’d only received one negative piece of feedback on Twitter, someone tweeting about how it’s just fan fiction.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a screenshot of that tweet, but I want to address it here.


Are the Bennett Witch Chronicles Just Fan Fiction?

In the simplest terms, yes and no.  For years, publishers have contracted authors to write original novels in licensed worlds.  In fact, I still have over forty Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel novels on the book shelf sitting six feet to my left as I type this.  Don’t you judge me.  I feel judgey eyes!  *points around at the audience*  Seriously though, if you’re a Buffy fan, you need to read Seven Crows.  To this day, that’s still my favorite BtVS novel.  Anyway, back to the point.

Publishers have done this for years.  The books are all original stories written by professional authors (some of my aforementioned Buffy books are actually written by writers from the show itself) legally licensed so they’re allowed to use characters and worlds belonging to someone else.  We’re doing the same thing with the Bennett Witch Chronicles, but instead of a NYC publisher contracting us, a bunch of authors banded together to take their stories to Amazon Publishing by way of the Kindle Worlds.  Originals stories written by professional authors, and they’re legally licensed allowing us to use the Vampire Diaries world and characters.

Traditional fan fiction are fantasy stories written by fans posted to the web.  No publisher, in most cases a hobby writer, and often times no editor.  Most importantly, no legal license to use the worlds and characters.  Our authors are all published, some independently, some via a publisher.  All of our stories will be professionally edited before being published, and all of the writers happen to be fans just like you.  We care about what happens to the characters, and were as heartbroken as you were to see the story we all loved come to an end.  When carrying on the story, we all have the common goal to do the characters justice.


So, this morning, I woke up to a fun stream of tweet replies.  Rather than answering them (because you can never win a troll over), I decided I’d answer them here.  Let’s take a look.  *Note* I took out profile pics and screen names.  My intention is not anything silly like retaliation.  I just figured this might be a great opportunity to introduce you to the series while clarifying what it is.  🙂

No.  Just no.  Let me put it this way.  The series is called Bennett Witch Chronicles.  If we killed Bonnie off, that would bring a pretty abrupt end to the series, don’t you think?  We’re all writing Bonnie Bennett stories because we love Bonnie Bennett.  We all know Bonnie’s story isn’t over.  Unfortunately, Kat Graham stated in an interview that she’s done playing Bonnie.  So, with the hopes of a spin-off TV series dashed and a burning desire to see her story go on, we decided to make it happen.  The series left off with Bonnie Bennett headed out to see the world and we wanted to join her on that journey.  The Vampire Diaries and The Originals both don’t stray far from the cities they’re based in, and we wanted to see what happens when the last living Bennett witch ventures outside of Mystic Falls.

So, no, no one is planning on putting Bonnie six feet under.



Honey, if you had half a clue how my brain works, you’d be afraid.


I don’t know who JP is or why he/she thinks this, but they’re wrong.  The Bennett Witch Chronicles are all Bonnie, all the time.  Oh wait, no they’re not because that would make for a very boring ride.  🙂   All of our stories star Bonnie Bennett.  She’s the main character driving the entire story line.  Some of our stories will feature familiar faces you already know, and some will have new faces as well.  But the books star Bonnie.


Nope.  We can’t.  She’s Bonnie Frikkin Bennett.  She’s a bad ass.  The series ended with her just getting the full grasp of her powers and the wide open door of worldly travels in front of her.  Who wouldn’t want her story to continue?


Here’s the thing.  Writing the BWC about long dead witches means you’re stuck writing within the confines of what was told of history on the show.  Writing the Bennett Witch Chronicles set to follow Bonnie after the events of the series finale means the world is our little witch’s oyster.  The story line possibilities are endless.  We’re not limited by the cannon of the show.  The past Bennett witches lived, did something big that we already know about, and then died.  Their stories are finite.  Bonnie’s is far from over.  And she is a Bennett witch, the last Bennett witch, and the series will be her chronicles.  So…..Bennett Witch Chronicles.


We really hope you do.  *wink wink*

There were more tweets but they venture into the more vile side of possible comments and that’s not what we’re about here on the Bennett Witch Chronicles authors blog.  The authors behind the Bennett Witch Chronicles will be posting here on this blog about the thing we all love – Bonnie Bennett.  We’ll talk about the character, the show in general, we’ll share some funny stuff like TVD memes, maybe have some special guests, videos, and lots more.  This coming week, we kick off a blog series where we rewatch the ENTIRE SERIES beginning to end.  That’s going to be awesome.  And it reminds me that I need to buy more tissues.

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170 days
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