#TVD Series Rewatch: Season One Part I by Rachel Medhurst #VampireDiaries

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Over two years ago, my younger sister bugged me to watch The Vampire Diaries on Netflix. I had held off so far because I’d read the books when I was a teenager. Yes, I’m really that old. But, as soon as I started watching, boy, I was hooked. I binged the whole six seasons in a couple of weeks and had no life outside of TVD.

So, when I knew I was going to be doing a recap blog, I got all excited, and had to prepare myself for the loss of time in my life. Binge watch, take 2, here we go.

In the first episode, the fresh faces of the cast reminded me how much time had passed since the whole Vampire Diaries series started. It made me feel like I was starting their journey with them again. Elena was so innocent, so sweet and kind. Caroline was so young, but then, when she got with Matt, I kind of felt a nostalgia for the innocence that the whole cast would lose.

The first look at Stefan was clever, convincing. We all knew what he was a long time before Elena. Can you believe it took six episodes for her to have the truth confirmed?

One thing I did notice this time round was the attraction between Damon and Elena. When I first watched it, I hated Damon at first. Yes, even with his gorgeous looks. It was kinda hard to go back to that view now that I know the extent of his story. But, he still acted atrociously in the beginning. And, that’s why watching it through again helped me to see how much he had grown. No wonder we’re all in love with him. His redemption was well and truly realized.

But, back to where he is now. From episode 1-11, Damon’s trying desperately to find a way to get Katherine out of the tomb. He thinks of no one but himself, even taking Elena on a road trip out of town, just for his amusement. And, this is where the real story of Elena and Damon began.

But, Stefan and Elena’s relationship has been on the rocks pretty quickly. In fact, I’d forgotten how quickly it became uncomfortable. As soon as Elena knew what both Stefan and Damon were, things started to go wrong. Jeremy was subjected to seeing Vicky die, only to have his memories wiped away. He then meets Anna, who, I’m sorry, I really never liked. And, by the end of episode 11, he’s onto the vampires, but he’s still not 100%.

Bonnie Bennett started to get her powers much quicker than I remembered from the first time round. I loved her floating feather spell. In a way, I felt apprehensive for her because she had so much coming up. At the same time, it was good to see her start her journey into finding her powers. After dreaming about her ancestor Emily, she’s drawn into the world of vampires and witches. Destroying the crystal gave them all, but especially Bonnie, the view that they were safe from Damon and his plan to get the vampires out of the tomb.

The first 11 episodes are a good introduction to the world of vampires and Mystic Falls. The founding families and their role in the hunt for vampires gives more suspense to an already angsty town. The fact that Damon, who needed a big slap for killing Lexi, cleverly involves himself, shows how intelligent the annoying vampire is.

By the end of episode 11, Elena has found out about her likeness to Katherine. Stefan reveals that she’s actually adopted, which throws her into a tale-spin. Her whole life has changed uncontrollably and yet, she still has so much more to come. She’s formed a closer bond with Damon and has reunited with Stefan. Meanwhile, Damon knows that all he has to do is to get Emily’s grimoire and he can open the tomb to finally get Katherine out. Will it go smoothly?


About Rachel Medhurst

Rachel grew up in South East England. She learnt at a young age that life can be hard work. She now believes that whatever happens to you, you can overcome it.

She writes to help others see that no matter where you come from, you can still achieve your dreams. As a teenager she would never have dreamed of becoming an author.

However, in her twenties, she realized that she was allowing her past to dictate her future. She decided to accept and forgive everything that had happened to her, everyone that had hurt or upset her and she even forgave herself for allowing life to bring her down.

In early 2014 after writing The Deadliners, Rachel decided to self publish. It was one of the best things she’s ever done. Since then, she’s released a series called Avoidables and a novella called Choice! (October 2014) which is part of the Modern Dreams series published by Salt Publishing.

Rachel will always remember where she came from, but only to see how far she has come.

Rachel’s Links

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