#TVD Series Rewatch: Season One Part II by DJ Shaw #VampireDiaries

This post is part of a 16 piece rewatch series here on the BWC blog.  Each week is hosted by one of the BWC authors, and they write the rewatch post for half of a season.  For more information about this week’s author, be sure to check out the information included at the bottom of the post.  Thank you and enjoy the rewatch hijinx!



I started watching The Vampire Diaries about three years ago. I hadn’t really wanted to give the series a chance since I had read the book when I was a teen. The Vampire Diaries books were my favorite go-to books when I ran out of things to read. I mean I would carry one of those books with me everywhere and they were so well read that the covers were starting to wear in places (I had paperbacks lol), so to say that I felt the show couldn’t do the books justice was an understatement.

I’m not entirely sure what piqued my interest and caused me to start watching the show but let me tell you I was hooked from the very first episode. By episode 11 in the first season it was like I was inside the show (which for me is a rare feeling when it comes to TV shows and movies), standing apart of the actors but still very much involved with the scene. From the moment Elena discovered she looked like Katherine until the moment she realized just how much of a vampire Stefan really was.

I recently binged watched the first season this last week since I knew I was going to be doing this recap for all of you 😉

In the 11th episode of the first season Damon finds Elena on the road in her overturned vehicle and basically rescues her from an unknown vampire after she flees Salvatore house because she discovered that she looks just like Katherine. Damon then takes her on a road trip, without asking her permission of course because that is the type of guy/person/vampire that he is. After their little trip, on the way back to Mystic Falls to be exact, Damon finds some middle ground with Elena and Elena understands Damon just a little better. The two seem to becoming more than just acquaintances. Once the duo have returned to Mystic Falls Elena returns to the Salvatore house to confront Stefan and get some answers that she may not truly have wanted. She discovers that she was actually adopted into the Gilbert family! :-O

While all of this is going on Jeremy is discovering a new friend and is diving deeper into a paper that the dreamy Alaric Saltzman has assigned to him as extra credit to raise his grades. (Can we just take a minute here and indulge in the fact that Alaric Saltzman is SUPER sexy?)

Damon is searching for a way to get Katherine out of the tomb she is locked in and it has been his sole mission for the last 145 years but discovers a girl who looks just like her. He soon discovers that she is nothing like his long lost love but falls in love with her anyway. (Can we take another moment to indulge on the HOTNESS that is Damon Salvatore?)

Throughout the last half of the first season you get the love triangle that is the Salvatore brothers and Elena Gilbert, the angst that comes with being a teenager through Jeremy Gilbert, the relationship troubles that teenagers go through with Matt and Caroline and the overall craziness that is Mystic Falls, home of witches and vampires. Throw in the wannabe vampire hunter and the mysterious Katherine and you have a great recipe for drama.

If you haven’t begun to watch this series, now would be a great time do so. And remember that The Bennett Witch Chronicles comes out October 31st so be sure to get caught up on the eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries while you can! ❤


About DJ Shaw

Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1977, DJ Shaw was 17 before she was able to see most of the United States. When she was 17, she decided to join the fair, traveling with them to Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Once the fair arrived in Lake Charles, DJ had decided it was time to go home, that she had had enough of traveling with the fair. She much rather preferred to sit around writing, or even telling, the lives of the people who lived in her head. She had been good at story-telling from the time she was about ten, when she scared herself so bad with her story of the Boogey-man that she couldn’t move off her bed. Her siblings would come to her for their scare fix, because they knew she could come up with something on the spot.

Having found what she loved to do at an early age, she continued to write down her stories and any poetry that came into her head. She had stacks upon stacks of notebooks filled with her work. Her love of horror movies made her stories that much more chilling.

When she’s not writing, she’s listening to music, supporting her favorite adopted brother and his band “Traveler in Pain”, playing with her five children, spending time with her husband of seven years or watching horror movies in the middle of the night just for the scare factor.

DJ’s Links

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