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Have you ever been assigned a task you couldn’t wait to get to work on? Well, when I signed up to do this rewatch post discussing the first half of season six, it meant binge watching The Vampire Diaries (TVD) from the beginning. For weeks and hours at a time, I sat in front the television, eating popcorn, wrapped in my favorite throw, with tissues nearby, staring at Damon and being introduced to my favorite characters all over.

One thing Bonnie’s taught me is that in life, sacrifices have to be made. So, I gave my time unselfishly for all TVD fans. After all, I had to check my facts…right?

Honestly, I can’t remember when I started watching The Vampire Diaries but I’m certain it was near the beginning when we had bubbly, but insecure Caroline, sweet Elena, and inquisitive Bonnie who was just coming into her powers. I’ve watched ever since and with the start of every new season, my anticipation only grew.

Here’s a summary of the first half of season six.

It starts off with our favorite cast members not being able to cross the Mystic Falls borders because of the magic purification spell placed on the town (refer to previous season).

We have Elena, who’s taking herbs; Stefan’s separated himself completely from the group and working as a mechanic in another town; Caroline’s dropped out of college and, seemingly, the only one who’s not in denial about what’s going on which is Bonnie and Damon are gone, and it doesn’t appear to be temporary.  Nevertheless, they’re all having a hard time coping.

Damon and Bonnie have ended up in a strange world where they’re reliving May 10, 1994, over-and-over in what Damon refer to as, “his own personal hell.”

Really Damon? That’s what I thought when I first heard him say he was in hell. How could it be his purgatory if Bonnie’s with him?

If he was actually going to hell, I doubt Bonnie would be dragged along for the ride.

When compared to past seasons, it seems everything and everyone are so different. In actuality, they are, and I should have expected it, but, it wasn’t the growth I was looking for. And, before you get angry at me, don’t. By the eleventh episode, my opinion starts to change.

We really start to see the development of our favorite characters as they do what they’re known for doing, coming together and doing what needs to be done. Around the same time, the personalities of newly emerged characters start to stand out and I can’t help but wonder, hmm…do I like them or do I not like them…clearing throat…Liv and Luke.

Through it all, my thoughts are with poor Bonnie, who ends up left behind, even when Damon manages to go back home. I hated her being stuck there alone, but it was better than her being there with Kai, who made me wonder if Bonnie was in fact in hell because he certainly was evil and maybe even Lucifer himself. Kai was wreaking pain on Bonnie every chance he got. Anyway, it’s a good thing she has nine lives (just joking).

And all seriousness, I love Bonnie’s giving spirit, but at some point, I just wanted to tell her, girl…think of you. You’ve got to stop sacrificing yourself for your confused vampire friends.

Which brings me to Bonnie’s friends…

Elena and Damon

At the very least, and despite Elena’s decision to erase her memories of Damon, I’d hoped their reunion would somehow, miraculously, bring those memories back. After all, her best friend had once again, sacrificed her freedom, so Elena and Damon could have their happily-ever-after. I wonder if Bonnie would have still made the same decision if she’d known Elena had erased all memories because she couldn’t deal with the pain? Of course, she would have. That’s Bonnie.

Stefan and Caroline

And what’s happening between Stefan and Caroline? The roles have reversed when compared to season one when Elena’s with Stefan and Caroline is Damon’s, well, compelled playmate. Caroline, in my opinion, has always had a thing for Stefan, but now, we’re really starting to see it.

After all these years, I guess it’s about time she acts out on those feelings. But, does Stefan feel the same? It’s hard to tell but time reveals all things.

Matt and Jeremy

Matt is still the responsible one and somehow, he’s now stuck being Jeremy’s babysitter.

Alaric aka Ric

Alaric has gone through some major changes, but I really wanted Alaric to remain a vampire. Out of all his roles; evil Alaric, vampire hunter Alaric, high school teacher, and college professor, I think I like him best as a vampire. But, ladies beware. Keep him away from your friends because we all know what happens to women who take on a relationship with him. I’m just saying, unless she’s your frenemy or enemy, don’t introduce her to Ric.

Perhaps someone should have warned Jo, who’s falling head over heels for him. I really like her, too. She’s so different from her siblings Luke, Liv, and Kai.

Luke and Liv

By the time episode eleven of season six ends, I still don’t know what to make of Liv or should I say, Ms. Attitude. Other than her sassy curls, there isn’t much I like about her. Oh, wait. She did save Tyler from reigniting his werewolf curse. Perhaps she’s okay.  If I belonged to a coven that wanted me to merge with one of my siblings, I’d likely be upset too.

Maybe the biggest shocker for me was Jo not recognizing her siblings and vice versa until she heard her voice on a video player. Did I miss something? Had their physical appearances changed that much? Maybe I’m making too much out of it, but again, my opinion.

But when the old gang gets back together and combined with new (and some, questionable) friends, the real action begins and things start to really take off.

Mid-season, Kai’s true colors start to unfold and he becomes the character you love to hate. This guy’s name should be in the dictionary next to the word evil. Clearly, he has no soul. But what he does have is a wicked sense of humor, a devilishly cute smile, and a lot of malicious charm. He’s far worse than Damon’s ever been. Come on, killing four of your siblings, being sent to your own personal hell, only to escape almost 20 years later, and when you do, seeking vengeance against the siblings who survived your previous attack?

There’s no question about it, Kai’s hate runs deep. But how do you expect someone who’s faced with the type of ultimatum he’s met with—become one with your sister and survive or become one with her and live, to behave? Either way, a merging is happening and only the strongest will survive. If you ask me, the whole Gemini Coven needs to rethink their values.

I’ll wrap it up by saying, by the end of episode eleven, we’re just getting into the action of the season.  Big things are about to happen and lives will forever be changed. The ending doesn’t disappoint (depending on who you’re rooting for).


Who are you rooting for? What’s your favorite TVD episode?


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Kaiden enjoys writing and staying in touch with each of her characters, keeping her fans updated as their lives progress (even behind the scenes…check out the website). She loves creating complex characters whose lives are filled with drama. A great deal of time is put into developing her characters, including the ones who seem to go in their own direction.

Kaiden writes compelling Mystery, Suspense, and Contemporary romance stories. Although her works are fiction, some of her stories may be based on actual events. Her stories will do more than entertain you, they’ll leave you wanting more.

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