About Kitten K. Jackson

Kitten K. Jackson spends all summer looking forward to her favorite season, autumn! She’s a Bama fan from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. She’s also an author and a freelance editor. And she creates her own graphics.

Her Keeping Secrets trilogy is a VERY DARK erotic romance/psych thriller, with a little horror mixed in for good measure. She released her first erotic vampire romance Forever Camden in December of 2015. Ironically, the Romantic Bloodlust series isn’t nearly as dark as her first. But in the sequel The Coming Darkness, Cam’s life careens way off the rails, rendering him unable to cope! Book Three in Cam’s story Blood on the Moon is when things really take a dark turn. When hunters come to Birmingham, it’s up to Cam, Michael, and Valen to stop the slaughter of the vampires!

Cheaters & Broken Hearts: Surviving the Love Triangle is a self-help book that Kitten published for those affected by infidelity.

Kitten’s current project is The Audition. It’s about Evan and Kallie, the actors who land the parts of Greg and Abbie in the Keeping Secrets movie! Sounds like a sweet romance, huh? ~sinister laugh~ Problem is, Kallie’s engaged. Her fiancé has a dark past that she’s not aware of, and he’s already coming unhinged at the idea of Kallie filming steamy sex scenes with “Evan [effing] Turner.” What will he do when those sparks are flying right before his eyes?

She is also currently working on Grimoires & Lip Gloss, her contribution to the Bennett Witch Chronicles (a The Vampire Diaries Kindle World).

Kitten’s books have been referred to as ‘romance meets horror,’ with red-hot ‘love scenes’ and even a bit of humor. Her own real-life experiences with domestic violence and rape likely contribute to the darkness of her stories. And hearing tales of the murders of two of her grandfather’s brothers surely plays a part in her macabre edge-of-your-seat style of writing.

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